# Accordion

Component name: <v-acccordion-group> + <v-acccordion>

Accordions are useful when you want to toggle between hiding and showing large amount of content

# Examples

# Basic

# Open state

# Standalone

# Large

# Load data asynchronously

# Components

# v-accordion-group

Wrapper component for accordions.


Name Type Description Default
large Boolean Used to enable the large accordion style false

# v-accordion


Name Type Description Default
title String Set the title of the accordion header -
open Boolean Whether or not the accordion should start opened false
@active event Emitted when the accordion is opened -
slot:tags Slot Use this slot to add v-tag components. Only supported by the large accordion style -


All other properties that are not defined above, will be passed to the component as html attributes. This is especially useful for adding the class attribute.

# Scoped Slot

For managing state, we're exposing an object using Scoped slots (opens new window).

This object contains the following:

Name Type Description
open Boolean Indicates wether or not the accordion is open.
opened Boolean Indicates wether or not the accordion has been opened once.