# Hero

Component name: <v-hero>

# Examples

# Standard

# Blur

With blur (css gradient) to improve text readability on noisy images.

Se komposition med Blur her

# Split

# Split with video

# Minimal

# Slider

When using the slider, please notice that the height is decided by the highest v-hero slide

# Hero slider API

Name Type Description Default
auto Boolean Whether or not the slider should automatically switch between slides on a 5 sec inteval false
slide-interval Number The interval for auto rotate in ms, does nothing if auto is false 5000

# Hero API

Name Type Description Default
img-src String Adds an image to the hero.

Valid value: Image URL
img-md-src String A breakpoint and pixel-density specific version of img-src -
alt String The alt text for the image image
img-align String Sets the image alignment.

Valid value: Any background-position property
auto-height Boolean Will make the hero height automatically adjust to the content. false
small Boolean Small size false
blur Boolean Blur variant false
split Boolean Split variant false
video Boolean Split variant with video. Must be used together with split. false
minimal Boolean Minimal variant false