# Table

Component name: <v-table> + <v-row> + <v-cell>

# Examples

# Basic

# With sort

# Ellipsis vs overflow

# Static HTML table

# Components

# v-table


Name Type Description Default
columns [String] Columns to show in table -
columns-mobile [String] Columns to show on small screens -

# v-row

v-row acts as a tr

# v-cell

v-cell acts as a td

# API: v-cell

Name Type Description Default
overflow Boolean Let content overflow - disables ellipsis false
hide-mobile Boolean Whether or not to hide cell on small screens false
padding String Adjust cell padding to either small, medium or large. medium
cell-width String Set a static width to the cell. Best used with Datatables -


All other properties that are not defined above, will be passed to the component as html attributes. This is especially useful for adding the class attribute.