# Local alerts

Component name: <v-alert-local>

# Examples

# 4 Alert styles

# Dismissible local alerts

By adding the dismissible property, alerts can be dismissed. By adding dismissible-id (state is saved in the browser's local storage) an alert can be permanently dismissed.

If you dismiss the last info alert below, it will not show up again unless you delete dismissedAlerts from the browsers local storage.

# Info alert with custom icon


Name Type Description Default
info Boolean Use 'info' styling & icon (fallback) true
warning Boolean Use 'warning' styling & icon false
success Boolean Use 'success' styling & icon false
error Boolean Use 'error' styling & icon false
dismissible Boolean Whether the alerts should be dismissible false
dismissible-id String Unique identifier for the group of alerts. Used together with dismissible -
icon String Add a custom icon to the alert -
Boolean is actually a Boolean attribute, which means that the presence of the attribute represents the true value, and the absence of the attribute represents the false value.


All other properties that are not defined above, will be passed to the component as html attributes. This is especially useful for adding the class attribute.