# Icon

Component name: <v-icon>

# Examples

# Basic

Use the src attribute to display custom icons:

# Icons by name

Use the name attribute to display predefined icons from the design package:

# Icon + text

Use v-icon to prepend text with an icon:

# Icon sizes

# Custom sizes

Use the width attribute to display icons in custom sizes:

# Cards


Name Type Description Default
name String Icon identifiers valid values:

logo close attachment caret caret-thick check-circle search lock pin pencil download x heart eye checkmark alka play-button link star dots filter delete print house
src String Icon url.

Valid value: Image URL
size Number Icon size valid values:

Valid values: xxsmall xsmall small medium large
alt String Alternate text -


All other properties that are not defined above, will be passed to the component as html attributes. This is especially useful for adding the class attribute.