# Searchable select address

Component name: <v-searchable-select-address>

# Example


The v-searchable-select-address contains a fallback slot, which has a default state. This means, that if no <template #fallback></template> is set, it will use the default. The default fallback is the one that is shown in the example code above. The fallback slot will be activated, if, during a search for address, the button "Min adresse mangler på listen" is clicked.

Name Type Description Default
placeholder String Placeholder text shown when input field is empty. -
address String For populating purposes, accepts the string object that is returned from DAWA address search null
fb Boolean For automatically showing the fallback forms on load false
@select Event Event triggered when a selection has been made. The selected value can be found in the $event object. -
description String Helper text -
error String Error message -
invalid Boolean Wether or not the field is invalid. Shows error message if invalid. false
small Boolean Wether or not the field is smaller. false
gray Boolean Wether or not the field has a gray background. false
slot: fallback slot When the address is not present on the list, there is a slot to insert fallback forms See example code